Monday, September 8, 2014

It's summer

Well, we've had summer-like weather for a few consecutive days, now. It's a shame vacation is over. For us, it's not so much of a deal; we're retired, but how frustrating for children in school and adults at work to have spent most of vacation indoors and in sweaters!
I've just taken a look at some past posts and see that the photos didn't publish. I think it might be because they are in private albums and I need to be more careful and put the photos for the blog into a public album. I don't know. Or, I can just upload the photos from the computer and not use the url link.
We've got our reservation for a short trip to England. The volunteer work at the library has started, but my schedule might change and I may be doing more shelving and less circulation desk work. Drawing and painting have resumed. It's like going back to school for everyone. Sacha and I went to our first lap-sit session of the season the other day. He knows all the gestures for all the songs, now, and will occasionally shout out a word. That's about it!
AARO board activities are coming up, but I'm a bit burned out.

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