Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yikes, it's been a whole month!

Last night was my birthday treat! Yes, back in February, I was given a voucher for the Joan Baez concert, the last in the series, for October 7. And we didn't forget; we didn't get the date mixed up. It was wonderful. She's wonderful. Still wonderful. The first time I saw her in concert was in Los Angeles, when I was at Pitzer. It must have been in late '68 or '69. Then, in 1980, she gave a concert in Nogent sur Marne at the Pavillon Baltard, to which I strolled over with Rosette. A few years later, Paul and I saw her at the Palais des Sports at the Porte de Versailles in Paris. And now, the Olympia.
We had to leave England after a very short weekend visit to celebrate Constance's first birthday! We drove up there on Thursday and back home on Monday. We got to see everyone, but it was too short a trip. And I've got another super trip to the States coming up in November.
On Monday morning, I missed an important AARO breakfast meeting with Senator Mike Lee and lawyer, James Bopp, who are drumming up support for the anti-FATCA litigation. This meeting was not a fund raising event, but it was to inform us about the litigation. Luckily, Victoria attended and has published her report.
Family -- I'll try get some family photos up on line and will send you the link.

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