Sunday, October 7, 2012

On the way home

We're waiting at the airport for our plane to load. I didn't manage to see everyone I had on my list, but when we got to L.A. on Thursday, we went to the L.A. County Museum of Art for a short visit and Michael G. came with his friend L, so I got to meet her. I hadn't seen Michael since before his wife suddenly passed away. I had seen them both at the library for a movie night. I have become a fan of his books and have all four that have been published so far. I had originally planned to meet up with another high school mate in the evening, but she ended up with some appointments that made it too complicated. When we stopped for a night a San Simeon, on Tuesday, I had time for a nice long phone call with her, so that made up for not meeting her.
Yesterday, Friday, we went down to San Diego and went over to Terry and Roger's for the afternoon. Emma had dinner with a friend, but she was able to spend some time with us before she took off. It was a great visit and they treated me to a wonderful meal at a restaurant not far from their house, in Balboa Park before they took me back to the hotel.
Today, back to L.A. with a visit with the Giesbergs. I'm sorry Dan had had to go away on business but I got to see Dick, Carol, and Susan and her family. We had a fine afternoon.
Our flight is delayed an hour. I've had time to load up the last of my pictures. For some odd reason, I'm not able to upload one or two to this post. For those who know me, get in touch with me directly if you want the link to the album. I'm sure that by tomorrow, I'll have a decent connection.

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