Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Full House

Oh dear, this is from the beginning of September! I just noticed it was still in "draft" mode and not published. So, sorry to interrupt the trip story, but here's some family stuff.
Last weekend we had a full house. Friday evening we went out for our annual dinner with the Lebelles home for the summer from China. It was about time because P-F had to return on the Saturday overnight flight back and the rest of the family followed on Sunday. It's also become a bit of a tradition to have these dinners at Chez Clément, a chain that has nice spaces for parties of around 10. This time there were 9 of us at the table and Sacha parked nearby where we could all admire him. It's always great to catch up. The food is nothing to get excited about; we can count on it being decent; the profiteroles are good.
During the day, that Friday, I made some banana bread to get rid of some overripe bananas and froze it. I also made the birthday cake for Sunday and froze the two parts so that all I would have to do on Sunday was the frosting. I bought a lot of food at the market and there was no room in the refrigerator for anything more. I put the chicken into a bag with the marinade for Sunday.
On Saturday morning I made some tuna salad and some egg salad and put out some ham and cheese with a loaf of sandwich bread, something we hardly ever have around here. The invasion occurred at about 1:30 p.m. -- Geoff and Claire with Aurelia and Charlotte and Valérie with Noah and Daniel, although that's not how the kids were distributed in the cars. After having their sandwiches, they all went off on bikes to meet up with friends in the Bois de Vincennes and came back just in time to give the kids a bath and have dinner. The kids were exhausted and went to bed with no problem.
Sunday morning I had to go back to the market to get some more last-minute stuff and Louis, Gwen, and Sacha came before noon and Anne followed. I let the cake thaw and then made the frosting and frosted it. I managed to rearrange things in the refrigerator to put the cake in. Louis manned the barbecue and we were able to eat outside. The kids played in the yard and we managed to spend the whole afternoon outside. Emma and Gabriel arrived from Ginals, where they will be settling some time in the first half of 2013, just as we were finishing up lunch, before the cake, so with them, we had a full house until the Parisians left.
Monday morning, the English group left early to catch the shuttle. Emma accompanied Gabriel to the train station and it was back to just the two of us and a lot of laundry.
Yesterday, Paul and I got to babysit Sacha the whole day. I'll put up the August pictures on Picasa.

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