Friday, March 28, 2008

Quiet Week - Semaine tranquille

We had a quiet week. A few more complications for me, but I'm still confident all will be fine in time for our trip. And if it's not all fine, then I'll just go in less than fine shape.

There was an Ile de France walk this week. It was very conveniently in the Bois de Vincennes, (the wikipedia page) so I didn't have to do the whole walk back to the starting point. We started out at the statue at the Porte Dorée which was the main entrance to the Colonial Exhibition in 1931. The museum of Immigration is one of the remaining buildings. Until becoming the museum of Immigration earlier this year, it was a museum of the colonies. We used to go there with the kids. In addition to the North African exhibits that attracted us, there was the aquarium in the basement. I think the aquarium is still there.

From there we went off to the right, to the Lac de Daumesnil. We could see the fairgrounds of the Foire de Trône; the fair just got started on March 22. We saw the Buddhist temple and had a moment of thought for Tibet. We kept walking close to the edge of the woods, from the Lac de Daumesnil to the Lac de Gravelle, next to the race track. Wednesday is not a race day at Vincennes so we didn't see any trotters out exercising. I used to ride my bike over there when Emma was a toddler; we'd drop Claire off at school and go for a bike ride. She loved watching the horses. I miss that. It was relaxing and beautiful to see.

We went around the race course, past the police academy, towards the back of the horticulture school, along the edge of Mortemart (but we did not go down to the playing fields, so baseball and softball fields there are still well-kept secrets). At the new round-about at the intersection of the wood, and Nogent, we continued along the edge of the wood towards the Institute of Tropical Agronomy and that's where we split. The others continued towards the Lac des Minimes and I headed into Nogent to go home. I treated myself to a pizza and some ice cream.

For the first outing since the operation, it was long enough for me. Next week is a walk in Paris from the Butte-aux-Cailles to the Cité Universitaire. I don't know if I'll go, though.

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