Monday, January 8, 2018

While the bath is running....

I'm a bath person, not a shower person. I like to soak in the bath, read in the bath. I don't have to rush. And while the bath is running (and why do we say "run"?) I can stand still and write.
Back to that question, why does water run, which becomes "the bath is running"? In French, "on fait couler un bain". I hate running. I'm not a runner. Stockings and pantyhose run, too. There are place names where creeks flow fast; they are call "... Run". Or where animals pass through. Deer Run is fairly common.
I'll look it up. But now, the bath is ready.

That was this morning.
Check this out if you want to get lost in all the ways we use "running".
Or this, for a more humorous outlook. (Thank you, Claire!)

We had a good AARO Meetup lunch, today.


Claire Husaunndee said...

Haha, regarde ça ! Une copine des Poussins

Ellen said...