Saturday, October 12, 2013

In the Economist

I'm so glad that the FATCA, banking, tax dilemma has hit mainstream media recently. The most recent article is in this week's Economist. I got mentioned, about the Fidelity (and other brokerages) behavior. Most of the comments are excellent, too.
Today, I'm in Philadelphia to meet a bunch of high school mates. As I've said many times before, I can't really say "reunion" because I feel as though I'm meeting most of them for the very first time. We've been having a great time getting to know one another on Facebook these past 4 or 5 years, though, so I'm looking forward to this lunch.
Then Jon is driving in, and I'm looking forward to having dinner with him, and with a bit of luck, Eric, too, and maybe a couple of Tobi and Jon's friends. I am sorry Tobi can't make the trip this time. I even got to see Tony and Barbara on this short, short trip, as they were so kind to arrange to be on their way home from a trip to Boston and New York. I had (stupidly) gotten myself a ticket to New York, rather than Philly. I got in three hours late because of mechanical problems that held up our flight in Paris. The shuttle into the city took about twice as long as expected, so we got caught in Friday rush hour traffic down to Philadelphia. The upside of that is that it gave us more time to talk!
I'll write more about this reunion in another post, later, maybe on my way back, tomorrow.

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