Saturday, October 5, 2013

Announcing Constance Victoria

Sorry, I haven't written in two months! I just couldn't bear to complain again about all the FATCA business. Victoria has been expresssing the frustration so well, there was no point in adding to it. And for anything else, well I was just lazy. There wasn't much to say, anyway... until now!
Constance Victoria Husaunndee was born on Oct. 3 at 11:28. 3k 150 gr. / 6lbs. 13 oz. Apparently they don't measure length any more.
This is the picture Claire took on her phone this morning. They will be coming home from the hospital later today. Can't wait! We've been to the hospital to visit, but it'll be great to have them home.
Paul and I have been here for almost two weeks, learning Aurelia's routine in order to help Claire out, but unfortunately we are leaving on Tuesday already. I'm leaving for the US at the end of the week, for a very short trip, and then we leave for La Réunion. I guess I'll be coming back here early in November. It's good that Geoff's mother will be able to come up to help out in the interim. Claire will not be allowed to drive for 6 weeks! It's the insurance company that dictates that rule for post c-section driving. Absolutely ridiculous!
Aurelia has settled in well at school. The cut-off date in the UK is Sept. 1. Since she turned 4 on Aug. 31, she is the youngest, but probably the tallest, in her class. This is rather like kindergarten or last year of Maternelle. It's all day. They do learn to read and write. She already knows her letters and their sounds, so the teacher is adding on phonics at a faster clip. Same can be said for numbers. After school, she's got gymnastics on Monday, swimming on Tuesday, music on Thursday. On Saturday, she goes to "French school" in the morning.
French school is in Milton Keynes. Last week, we went to Costco while she was at school and this week we went to the main shopping center. It made me think of my father and wondering what he would have thought of it. It's enormous, clean, with very large spaces for exhibits (this week was weddings with a several antique car limos for weddings, and other vendors) and walking. It seemed like a mile between the two end anchors. The stores are big, much bigger than the Northampton ones, much more stock and choice. And from one shopping center there are passageways to the next and the next. The one odd thing is that you do have to pay for parking -- not much, but still...
So, that's the latest.


Ellen said...

They're home. We had a celebration dinner of steak-au-poivre and Claire called it a day. She's got her little helper, Aurelia, up there with her.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Such a lovely name and such a beautiful baby.


May she grow up to be as big as a trouble-maker as her grandmother. ;-)