Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wow, another month has gone by

It's been a busy month. Not that I can remember much of any importance. I just finished our French taxes. So all that has been taken care of: US and FR. AARO had its annual general meeting at the ambassador's residence, with the US ambassador, Charles Rivkin, as our speaker. And he was a fine speaker. Paul and I have babysat a few times. Sacha's sitter has been on sick leave, so we got to fill in. Now, Paul and I both have sore throats and bad colds, probably caught from Sacha. That family has gone off to visit more family in England and Norway and everyone should be all better by next week, when they get back. I've taken Sacha to the lap-sit story hours at the library -- he likes it.
And that is it.

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