Monday, May 28, 2012

The sun finally breaks a wet, sluggish May

Time for a short note. Sacha is growing -- Gwen and Louis bring him over to see us and for nice long naps in the back yard. Yes, the rain has finally let up! We even have sunshine and it's warm! We can enjoy the yard. It's starting to feel like May, at last. The roses are gorgeous this year and there are lots of them. It looks like I pruned them back the right way, for once, and if only I could remember how I did it, I'd be able to do it again! My romaine lettuce is getting eaten away by some insects that I can't find, or maybe it's snails or slugs. Looks like the critters like parsley, too. And basil and zucchini plants. One of the zucchini was eaten down to nothing, but there's now a new leaf peaking up, so it didn't die. I'm really not doing a great job with my square-foot gardening. I keep forgetting to plant the plots I've harvested from. But I do like the raised beds -- so much nicer for my back.
The rhubarb didn't die, either. I let it flower this year, which is not supposed to be a good thing, but the flower stalk came up so fast, I just didn't react in time. By the time I cut it, it was too late, so I took in what rhubarb I had (made some jam with mint leaves in it and then used that on an apple pie -- very good combo!). I thought that was it and that the plant was dead. It was more than a month ago. Now, I see new leaves coming up, so all is not lost. The artichoke, however, did not survive the winter freeze. In other years, it survived winter and sprouted new flowers. Since there was never enough to make a meal of, I just let it bloom and it was pretty. Maybe I'll plant another. The raspberries are late, this year. We're going to have lots of fruit, but I think it'll take another two weeks before they are ripe. The plum tree that surprised us last year is full of fruit again, but lots have been dropping already, not ripe, so it may have reverted back to its old ways. I would love to have some fruit from it again, though.
I went back to Cake & Bake last week. They were having a little sale for those willing to brave the rain and come out. I bought myself some new pie tins and alphabet & number cookie cutters for the kids. I couldn't resist getting a cupcake (or muffin) stand for a wedding gift for friends I've made via the blogs. They seem to have a constant flow of visitors and I remember one of them mentioning muffins so everyone could enjoy the conversation in the living room rather than a meal at the table (or something like that).
Oh, yes, France elected a new president and we're getting ready for the legislative elections in 2 weeks. We are hoping to get down to the south of France to see family, and we now are planning to get up to Holland to see friends who will be over from the States to visit their family. And at the end of June, we go over to England for more family. So, after a very homebound May, June will be full of comings and goings.

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Ken Broadhurst said...

Hi Ellen, thanks so much for the wedding present. It came yesterday. We will get goo use out of it, with our cornbread and other savory muffines. Best to you and Paul from Ken and Walt...