Monday, March 19, 2012

Painters Start Today

I don't remember if I mentioned it, but back in October we had a bit of water damage from a freshly installed, faulty hose in the bathroom upstairs. The water could not have been flowing for more than two hours, but it was in the middle of the night. Emma had gone upstairs at about midnight and would have heard it if the hose had already ruptured and Paul got up at a little after 2 to discover the flood. He didn't get me up. I got up myself at 3. He was busy mopping up in the bathroom, but I went downstairs to find the flood there and I started mopping up the kitchen. Then, the basement.
Neither of us realized how much water had gotten under the floorboards, but as you can see, the damage to all the ground floor was pretty extensive. And the floor of the hallway upstairs is all warped. There's also damage in the stairwell....
So now, almost six months later, it's dry enough to paint. That's starting today. The painters are busy scraping what we didn't get, but you can see that we scraped a bit too.
We're taking advantage of the fact that we have literally moved everything from the ground floor (the floors there got damaged, too, and need sanding down and revarnishing) to redo the kitchen, too. This is something I've been wanting for many years. I'm quite happy with the layout. In fact, we're keeping the layout. After many tries with 3D software and paper cutouts, we could not find anything that served us as well. Still, it will be more modern, and the counter will be a few centimeters higher, which should be nicer for me, and will give us an extra drawer space all around.

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