Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glorious Spring

Our greengage plum tree is in full bloom. There were bees buzzing all around it and I hope that means we'll have some plums this year. The other plum tree is also in bloom, pink blossoms. I've planted the radishes and started other seeds. I've cleared the raspberry patch of weeds and now that there is lots of empty space we'll be able to transplant the newer raspberry plants that have started in front of the patch back to the pack, but I think it's best to wait until they've produced their fruit for this season. 
Today, France and the rest of Europe went on to daylight savings time, called "Summer Time" here. We are back to 6 hours difference with North America.
Today is a perfect day to go to a ball game. PUC 1 is playing Pessac in a double-header (PUC 1 and PUC 2 are always Sunday double-headers with a picnic lunch break between games.) and it's the first home weekend. I'll probably go for the second game, after lunch. 
Eating at home is a bit of a challenge right now. The painters are going faster than anticipated, but we've had to put on the brakes; there's just no space to move the furniture. They have to finish the living room so that we can store in there. Right now, they've almost finished the living room, dining room, and hall entry. The furniture is upstairs and in the entry and access to the basement. We wiggle around it. There is dust everywhere, of course. We do manage to have lunch and dinner, but it's a dusty atmosphere. Luckily for us, we are not prone to allergies or asthma. The floors, at least on the ground floor, should be sanded and varnished at the beginning of the week. Then we can move back into the living room and they can do the stairwell and hall upstairs. The repair and painting should not take as long as it has downstairs, so all in all, they will be finished with this almost a whole week before we expected. That means they'll want to dismantle the kitchen and do the electrical installations before we are ready. The new kitchen will be delivered on April 10, not before.
Must be off now -- to the market, lunch, and the ballpark!

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