Saturday, December 3, 2011

Family Ties, or not?

I got to talking to one of the patrons of the library the other day. I forget exactly how we got on the topic, but he said his family had emigrated from Germany in the 1840s and I countered with "same here" and we got to talking. Guess what? His name is Glaser. Pronounced with a long "ay", as in German. And he had an uncle Louis! And he served in Korea, but I don't know if he was a marine. And he's 82, or 83; I forget what he said.
Well, I don't really think we're related, but this is fun. His Glaser family was Christian, but his mother's family was Jewish. The lived in Missouri, I think he said. I'm sure he said his Glaser family had settled in the mid-west upon arrival in the US. He's been living in France for quite some time. His first name is Robert. He doesn't have an email address, but I did ask for and got permission to copy his home address and phone number from the library members' file in case one of you wants to contact him. Or, you could send your questions to me and I'll ask. He is a very, very chatty person.

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