Sunday, July 10, 2011

PUC-Montpellier, Game One

I declared on facebook this morning that I wanted to go to the ball game. In France, the Elite division plays double-headers on Sunday and we're getting to the end of the season. The last game I went to was last year in the spring! I had said I was going to the game last week, but we had lunch out with the family, instead and I never got over to the ballpark.
One of the advantages of living in Nogent is that the ballpark, "Stade Pershing", is within walking distance, in the Bois de Vincennes, just behind the sports school, INSEP.
My walk, so you can see how close it really is. If you click on the map options you can choose the satellite view and see the ballpark.
Swan family in July
Game One is supposed to start at 11:00 a.m., so leaving home right after lunch, I thought I'd make it in time for the end of the game. I went a little out of the way to get an ice cream cone at the Lac des Minimes. On my way around the lake, I heard there was a Jewish wedding reception going on at the restaurant (the music gave it away) and the baby swans I took pictures of early in June are thriving. Here are two of them with one of their parents. The other parent and little one were out of range. And the picture of them from June 4!

Swan family in June
When I got to the ballpark, I went immediately to the scorers' booth and spent most of the time up there with M.D. who was scoring on his own. We caught up on news of our kids, our spouses, ourselves and watched the game. It had started late, so I really hadn't missed much. I only knew a few of the players. Others are altogether new and some were just kids last time I saw them play. I did see some old friends in the stands and others who came up to the booth. No pictures, though. Sorry. The game didn't end until after 3! PUC lost, 6 to 9. 
There's nothing quite like a baseball game in France. The pitching was off, so the first pitcher was relieved by a center-fielder who has a strong arm -- not really a pitching arm, though. There were errors. There were hits. You have to really pay attention because anything can happen. You think it'll be an easy out and you end up with another run in and another guy on base. Professional games are downright boring, in comparison.

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