Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Ile de France Walk -- at last

A small gaggle of geese by the river

Caillebotte property at Yerres

At last! It's been such a long time since I went on one of these walks! Yesterday, when I decided that I really wanted to go, Louis called to ask if one of us could take his car for inspection, but thank goodness he was able to take care of it, because of course, I would have done it, but it would have been one more Wednesday lost. As it was it was a gorgeous day for a walk.
Take a look at the Ile de France Walks blogpost for details of this particular walk. Every week I get the email invitation and almost every week I say to myself, "boy, I'd like to go on that walk" and every week, something seems to come up to prevent it. Sometimes, it's just not for me -- too long, or too difficult.
Even today, I dropped out a little early with some other walkers. I had a blister that was bothering me and didn't think it necessary to continue for the sake of continuing. I dropped out at Yerres, where the group came up to a bridge on the river practically in front of the Caillebotte property. This is the house that belonged to the Caillebotte family and that he painted in several of his paintings. I recognized the areas in front of the doors where the women of the household read, sewed, knitted, while he painted, with the immense garden in the background. Having seen the Caillebotte exhibit in May, I was very interested. (My post on the Caillebotte exhibit.)

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