Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Gardener Cut the Phone Line

We had a team of gardeners here yesterday morning to prune the trees and bushes. Unfortunately, the one who trimmed the roses on the front of the house also clipped the phone line. We have no phone, no internet. We do not use the full triple play option of our subscription that would also give us TV, so our satellite TV still works.
So, you must be wondering, how is it that I am able to write this blog? We have very nice next-door neighbors, who have given us access to their wifi. It's a weak connection, but enough for this.
The phone repair person is coming on Monday morning. Then, I'm going to the chiropractor; my back is really all better, so I'll be back to my regular frequency of chiropractor visits soon. Tuesday morning, the gardener is coming back to lay a new pathway. The original one has buckled to the point it is difficult to open the gate. And also on Tuesday, I'm starting as a regular volunteer at the American Library -- every Tuesday afternoon. Mondays and Thursdays. I still go to Francine's for painting, but I should probably change for a more directed approach.
Nothing much else to say this week.
Winter has receded back to its normal self -- rain replacing snow.

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