Monday, December 14, 2009

It's almost Christmas

Seems I just wrote about Claire and Aurelia leaving us after a two-week visit and in just two weeks, they'll be back with Geoff and Charlotte for a few days!
Emma had her birthday, but she went to celebrate it with a friend in Switzerland and we've hardly seen her since she went back to work. Before that, we all celebrated Thanksgiving together on Saturday instead of Thursday. In spite of my worries about the turkey, it turned out fine. Louis was just back from his training program in Aix; he was happy with it and met several people he got along well with, so he wasn't bored during his absence. Gwen was happy to have him home.
The weekend of December 5 and 6 was the AAWE Christmas Bazaar and I went in on the 4th to help with setting up and then returned on the 5th to work in the basement, heating the chili and making coffee. The stands did not look as full of stuff as usual and I didn't find much to buy this year. I remember, when the kids were little, I used to contribute and find lots of interesting clothing. I would have liked to find a few pyjamas for Aurelia, but no luck. I try to buy small toys and games for €1 to €3 to have to give on the spur of the moment, but there wasn't much choice. Still, I had a good time because it's so nice to see old friends at least once a year.
This past weekend, I was part of the team helping Celine move out of her apartment. It went really fast. She and other helpers had already prepared all the boxes and I got there just in time for them to start loading the truck. Because of my back, I proclaimed myself "label person". She and the kids are leaving for the States this week. I'm so sorry I hadn't met Derek's family before. I'm sorry to see them go.
The RER A line has been on strike for a week. On Saturday, on my way to Celine's, that meant I walked into Vincennes to catch the metro. I don't know what I did to myself on Saturday. My back started hurting on my way and I didn't do any lifting at all, but it was really horrible by the time I got home. I spent Sunday and today resting and I think it'll be fine tomorrow.
Most of the gift shopping is done. I still have to wrap the gifts -- tomorrow.

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