Sunday, December 20, 2009

38 years

Yesterday was our anniversary -- 38 years! My back was really hurting on Friday and I spent most of yesterday lying in bed. Luckily for me I have a laptop and and a lapdesk and I was not at all uncomfortable doing stuff on the computer. I've discovered "Radio Sure" ( on the internet and am able to listen to US radio stations, like WHYY in Philly. I've also found a station of broadway musical comedy music. There are also French stations. I haven't done it yet, but you can record from the radio tool, too.
There was a good French TV show many years ago that analysed the news from different sources: Arrêt sur Images ( It got booted off the air and became a subscription Internet production. I'm a subscriber and caught up on a couple of episodes of that. I have written about it before. I still think it's a good show.
Lastly, I finished my Christmas shopping, I think. On Friday, before my back went out on me again, I went into Paris (RER to get in, but all trains cancelled after that because of the strike, so I came home via metro and bus) to get some chocolate at one of those shops I discovered back in October: Michel Cluizel ( Since then, I finished up on the computer.
I finished up an end-of-year letter to send with cards. I'll have to get up to take the computer to the printer and print them up. And I'm ready to start wrapping the gifts we've already got in stock.
Also via the computer, Paul and I have planned our vacation in February. Originally, the plan was to try to join the Lebelles living in China on their winter break in Cambodia, but it looks like they will be going to Australia, instead. Based on our pleasant experience with them for the trips to China and Australia, we got in touch with Voyageurs du Monde ( to see about a trip around their dates and got a very nice proposal, but a bit expensive. Since we no longer needed to plan around their dates, we asked if there was a less expensive group option, but they had no groups at that time. So, we found another agency, Ariane Tours ( and they have two tours that correspond closely to what vdm had proposed. Their tours also correspond well with the dates we want. Ariane Tours' groups are limited to 16 maximum, and that's acceptable. We are combining a Cambodian and a Vietnam tour for a full month from Feb 7.
This evening we are all going over to Louis and Gwen's for dinner. I always enjoy that. They've got their tree up and I'm sure it'll be a festive evening. I can vaguely see snow falling again, so I hope we can go. Paris and the suburbs get completely stuck with the smallest amounts of snow. Since the RER strike is still on, we'll need to be able to get the car out...

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