Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too much time on Facebook

Too long without writing! I'm spending too much time on facebook whenever I get on the computer. But life goes beyond the computer. Since our visit to the chocolate factory, the Lebelles from Pau came to visit us and we went to the David Lachapelle exhibit. And I've been reading a lot, among other things.
During the week after my last post, we spent most of our time preparing for the arrival of Alexandre, Emmanuelle, Valentine and Marie. Our neighbor, another Marie, gave us some baby stuff and I bought a travel cot. We got a new bed, so the old one went upstairs to the new guest room, formerly Anne's room. It's perfect for parents + baby. Anne spoke recently, maybe at Christmas, about my not having made a Cuban Christmas dinner (roast pork, white rice and black beans in a very long time, so I did it for this visit. I also made Jae's "cheesecake" (with Amaretto) and since it was Pierre's birthday, we used that as his birthday cake even though he wasn't with us. I also made gnocchis with Ricotta and spinach for the next day (thanks Beth for that Facebook link to the recipe!) and Valentine and I made chocolate cupcakes. But the most successful meal was hamburgers and corn on the cob.
Enough about food! Valentine has grown alot since the last time our family last say her three years ago (for me, it was in October). So they renewed contact with her. And we all met Marie for the first time. She's only 2 months old. (Just a week shy of 3 months, at this writing.) She's a calm baby, doesn't cry too much and loves to be held by anyone willing to hold her and there were plenty of volunteers, but I think she really liked her uncle Paul or aunt Ellen). Alexandre appreciated sleeping in for his first days of vacation, but neither he nor Emmanuelle seemed overly tired. Marie is already sleeping through most of the night.
After they left, we took the time to rest up and read. As I was going to unhook the Wii, which had gone on the blink (Valentine couldn't play) I discovered that it was already a little unplugged from the TV. All I had to do was push it in a bit and it worked. I suppose that if it had gone completely blank I would have thought of the connection, but since it would turn on and work a little before konking out, I thought there was a real problem. Sorry I didn't think of the connection sooner. It must have gotten loose when we ate at the dining table and were moving near the back of the TV.
On Sunday, the 23rd, Anne suggested we try to see the Yves Saint Laurent collection at the Grand Palais at10:00. Well, at 10:00, the estimated wait was 5 to 5 1/2 hours. It was a nice day, so we set out on foot along the Seine and ended up at the Monnaie on Quai Conti to see the David Lachapelle exhibit. Some people complain that it's too expensive for a small exhibit. I don't agree. It's €10 and I think that it's comparable to exhibits at the Sénat. There are several rooms and several themes. I don't think I could have concentrated on more -- there are so many details and art references to think of. We didn't have a long wait to get in and that helps form a good opinion, too!
It was lunch time when we got out, so still on foot, we went to the Place St. Michel. After lunch we stopped to browse at Shakespeare & Co. and set out for the metro on the right bank, but ended up at Anne's place, still on foot! Take a look at a map of Paris -- Grand Palais - La Monnaie - Place St. Michel - quartier de la Huchette - Notre Dame - Gare de Lyon. It's not far in km. but it fills up a day.
Other than that, I've been going to the Amerian library a lot. I'm not reading great literature, but I've been reading a lot. And I've been spending a lot of time, maybe too much, on facebook. My Girls' High class has a group and there are quite a few of us getting together there. In fact, we have another group on goggle where we write about other things in more detail. I believe that nothing can replace in person contacts, but this internet communities do serve a purpose when in person is not possible.

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