Friday, March 14, 2008

Back to Work?

Just home from the hospital (operation successful) and saw a job offer on the STC France site. Since they are looking for someone for only six months, from May to November, I thought I should look into it. When I clicked the link to email my resumé, I noticed that I knew the addressee - in fact, when she was just starting out as a technical writer and was a bit in a panic about using FrameMaker, I met with her and helped her through the beginning of it. We have exchanged several emails since yesterday and it looks like I may very well be in the running for her job when she is off on maternity leave. Just when you least expect something, it just turns up.

Of course, if it doesn't pan out it's no great catastrophe either. Paul thinks that he might start his retirement with our trip to Australia. He has so much vacation and untaken RTT days (those are the days off one gets to create the illusion of a 35-hour week) that he must take before retirement, that he could stop working in April and not officially retire until late fall.

Also, I was thinking of getting back to the States for a visit sometime during the summer. I got an email from Erica suggesting a bunch of us Girls' High orchestra girls try to meet in August. I'd like to do that and go to Pittsburgh. If Paul were with me, we could then continue on a bit of vacation elsewhere. If I took this job, I wouldn't be able to do it.

While at the hospital, I read several Alexander McCall Smith novels -- mostly the ones from the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series. They are very pleasant reading -- ideal for the hospital, actually, when you can't concentrate on heavy stuff. I'm also trying to finish The Fatal Shore, about Australia, but keep getting bogged down in it and not advancing.

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