Saturday, June 2, 2018


English first, French after the line _____________________.
We just had a very short mid-week visit with the Northampton crew. They all seem fine. We're fine. Al.. had us over for an excellent lunch to set us off on the return, yesterday. There's absolutely no news to report, which is, as the saying goes, good news.
On our way there, on Tuesday, it was gray and foggy in northern France and pouring cats and dogs on the English side of the Channel. It poured until Luton and continued raining until Milton Keynes. The Northampton area was dry. It was a harrowing drive, though.
The sweater I had started knitting for Ch.. ended up like this. I stuck the frogged balls of yarn onto a circular needle just to keep them in order, so that when I start the project, again, I won't have to go looking for them. (to "frog" knitting means to "rip it" back. Say that fast enough and you'll get it.) I miscounted the number of stitches for the yoke pieces and didn't realize the mistake until the sleeves were all done and I was trying to mount the body stitches. Grr.
This weekend, I intend to call family in the US. Be forewarned. I will try to call at a good time, but we all know that the time zones make that difficult.
Nous rentrons d'une petite visite à la famille à Northampton. Ils vont bien ; nous allons bien. Al.. nous a invité pour un excellent déjeuner, hier, avant notre départ. Il n'y a pas de nouvelles à rapporter, ce qui, d'après le dicton, est une bonne nouvelle.
La route aller, mardi dernier, était grise et dans le brouillard côté France, mais il pleuvait comme vache qui pisse en Angleterre. Il pleuvait fort jusqu'à Luton, moins fort jusqu'à Milton Keynes, et pas de tout, enfin, à l'approche de Northampton. C'était éreintant.
L'image de toute cette laine sur une aiguille est le résultât du pull que je faisait pour Ch.. J'ai du tout défaire suite à une erreur de montage. J'avais fini les manches et ce n'est qu'en montant les mailles du corps que j'ai vu qu'il me manquait une 20 de mailles de chaque côté. Grr.

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