Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

It's not a very original title for a blog post and I realize I ended 2015 with a sad note, since my last post of the year was after the terrorist attacks in November. For us, though, the year ended very well. We went to Claire's for Christmas and had a short family visit. Not everyone went this year. Louis and Gwen went to her folks this time and Emma and Gabriel stayed home, with a thought to going to his dad's, but that visit got put off a week.
I finished my knitting projects for the year and am ready to get started on this year's. Just waiting for some measurements to come in (you know who you are).
This month will be taken up with preparations for Overseas Americans Week, which will be in early February this time. There's only a month left to prepare!
My voter registration/ballot request is off -- that's my New Year's day tradition, now. We overseas voters have to do this every year!
Paul hasn't given any indication of big projects coming up. We hope to have Dan visit in February, after my return from the States. I know we want to get down to the south in the Spring, maybe late winter. There's been a request to return to England in late May, early June and that would be a great time to do some touring. We haven't made any summer plans, although I know we've been invited to join the UK bunch, so we just need to know when and where. If the Pierwige crew want to get together, they'd better set it up, now!
I think our plan is just to stay well, to babysit when asked, to see other family whenever possible. We'd like to have a nice, calm year, with no catastrophic news concerning us, our loved ones, or the world. We hope the same for everyone else. Exceptional good news is, of course, welcome!
There's no big family picture this year.

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