Monday, February 23, 2015

Making appointments

There's not much to say. I'm trying to make appointments for Overseas Americans Week, but I can't do too many in an afternoon. First of all, some offices open and 8:30 and others at 9:00 am in DC, but my luck finding anyone to answer the phone before 9:30 am is almost nil. That's already 3:30pm my time. I try to do some preparation in the morning and then attack the phone, later, which really just ends up in sending yet another email. Sometimes, though, I'm busy later in the afternoon and just can't do it. The Senators' offices are the least reactive. I don't have the impression that others in the group are making appointments, which is discouraging to me. I was willing to coordonate, not to do all of it. Some have, or have let me know they'd like me to do it for them, which I don't mind too much as they give me the information I need.
We've seen the little ones in Paris. S. is speaking so much more clearly, now. We understand almost everything. And he repeats words, here and there, in English. I'm having as much trouble sticking to English with him as I did for my kids. Someone speaks French to me, I automatically respond in French.
And that's it.

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