Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Chloé Lebelle-Thomas joined the family on June 27!
Sorry to be so tardy with this announcement. I've been delinquent in getting the photo.
 It was rather early in the morning and I wasn't around. I had gone down to Provence with the car to see the rest of the Pickar clan in Roussillon. That means that Paul, the babysitter, didn't have easy transportation in the middle of the night, so Louis came and picked him up and then took Gwen to the hospital. That was cutting it close and added a bit of stress to the whole thing, but everyone got to where he or she should be in plenty of time. I woke up early on Friday morning to a phone message with a picture. Not this one, but another. This one is the one Louis posted, so I feel I can share it.

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Victoria FERAUGE said...

Welcome to the world, Chloe.

And congratulations to her Franco-American grandma. I'm not there yet but I do look forward to it one of these days... :-)