Tuesday, April 1, 2014

OAW - final

The other evening, coming back from the FVAP meeting, I devoted the entire post to voting from abroad. I didn't mean to ignore Treasury and the American Bankers Association. Those were important and interesting meetings. We talked about bank discrimination, both on the US side, which seemed to surprise the ABA people, and on the foreign side, due to FATCA. From both meetings, we took away the impression that our problems are understood. There is sympathy. There is understanding. But FATCA will not go away. The idea of excluding the accounts in our countries of residence is interesting, but will not come about immediately, if ever. Somehow, the discrimination we are experiencing will go away when all the countries in the world are exchanging bank information with all the others. There will be no need to single us out! I don't like the sound of that, but I see the logic. As nice as everyone was, as sympathetic as they were, I still wonder what I'll end up doing.
This is the Alexander Calder sculpture in the Senate Hart Building.

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