Saturday, March 15, 2014

Making appointments for March

First of all, here's a picture of one of the Magnolia trees on our street, taken about 10 days ago, still at the beginning of the month! And in the States, it's still freezing! Unfortunately, that blue sky has disappeared in a haze of yellow smog. The sun comes through, but the sky is ugly. Details at any distance are blurry. The other day, from the library, just a block over from the Eiffel Tower, the tower was not clear.

High school mate, C, was in town last week and after work, she went off to tango. I accompanied her one evening, even though I don't dance; I watched the feet go by and was entranced. Another evening, she invited my friend R and me to come to the studio to observe the dubbing work. (I love that -- never get bored!) Then she and R went off to tango and I came home. They had a fair dance lesson, not great, but really hit it off and didn't end their evening of gabfest until almost midnight. 
AARO has the first of its two tax seminars during the week. I didn't need to go to 101, but because I am one of the event organizers, I did go. I always learn something, anyway. It motivated me to finish up my FBAR form, which I did just before opening the blog post. This year the FBAR must be done on the pdf form one downloads from the site. You can then fill it out on your computer, without being on line. I got out last year's FBAR so that I had all the bank info ready and I had already gotten the highest balance during the year figure onto my spreadsheet and converted into USD, so I was ready to fill it out. It still took almost an hour. Once it's filled out properly, you click on the "Home" tab of the file and it connects to the website for e-filing. You get a confirmation notice, which I printed up, as I also printed out my file. I don't know why I actually printed them -- old habits die hard -- I have the file and the confirmation saved on my hard drive. So, that's done. Next step is to try to get an estimate on my taxes, because I will owe more for 2013. I get an automatic extension for filing but still have to pay (overpay) by April 15, so I don't get stuck with a penalty.
During the week, I had to tackle the appointments for Overseas Americans Week. I was asked to hold off to start with, so I feel I got a late start. I wasn't as free as I had been earlier. I'm frustrated, because next week, it should be done -- then we go!
I'm getting excited about the trip. I won't see T&B immediately, during OAW, but will get a chance on the return leg. I'm staying an extra week in order to go up to Pittsburgh, family visit there, and then back to DC. J tells me we may get to go to the Pirates' season opening home game. I hope we can get tickets. And they've got tickets for the opera the next evening! Sounds great. 

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Tim said...

Was at very interesting tax/FATCA event in Montreal last weekend. About 50 people showed up. Was worried there might only be five and I part of me was hoping for 100. In other parts of Canada supposedly they are getting between 100 and 200.

Hopefully there should be a video uploaded at some point.