Monday, December 2, 2013

Georges Braque exhibit at the Grand Palais

Just the week after we got back from La Réunion, Paul and I took in the Braque exhibit at the Grand Palais. It's one of those monumental exhibits, taking in all of Braque's periods. Therefore it is crowed. We went in the afternoon, after my stint at the library. That was not a good idea. I hope we get to go back, early some morning. I remember first seeing Braque at the Jeu de Paume, in 1970, when that was the Impressionists and early 20th century museum. I remember Claude's Tante Edith, our art history teacher for the semester telling us about the breakthroughs in art. Most of all, I remember Tante Edith's clasp, which I spotted on a visit to her apartment, and her telling me "Ah, oui, Georges me l'a donnée." And I took a closer look and asked, "Georges Braque?" and she sighed and said, "Ah, oui." Somehow, talking to someone who connected to the past was fascinating.
That was running through my mind as I went through the exhibit. Also, how much Braque and Picasso inspired one another. And how I think Matisse was inspired. Art is long chain of inspirations.
If you go, be patient; go early; take your time.

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