Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to Simmering

I've simmered down somewhat. Not completely. I'm working on a table of different brokerages' policies according to country for AARO. That keeps me near the boiling point. And that's the end of the subject for today.
We had summer! Yes, it was sunny and hot for a few days last week. The heat broke on Saturday evening with a wave of storms. Now, it's back to chilly and gray. I got out to the garden. I planted a few bean plants a few weeks ago and they survived the cold and rain. They haven't grown much, but they haven't died, either. The other plants I tried from seed didn't make it and I haven't been to the garden store to buy their replacements, so my vegetable garden is bare. I still try to keep the weeds out. The raspberry plants have infiltrated the third box and I might let them continue there this year. Paul and I are going away on a little break this week, so I won't plant anything until we get back.
On Saturday, R and I went to the Paris Choral Society sing-along concert of Rodgers and Hammerstein songs at the American Cathedral. We were sitting in the back and next time I go to one of their concerts, I'll try to get in earlier to get a seat closer to the front because the acoustics are not all that great. But we could hear reasonably well and what we heard was good. It was a pleasant start to the evening -- from 6 to 7:30 so I wasn't last getting home. (Funny, this concert is not listed on the site.) I was amazed at how many people I knew were in the audience and are in the choir -- from AAWE, from AARO, from the library!
On Thursday, one of those summer days, I took Sacha to the library for his 3rd "lap-sit". He really enjoys them and claps his hands enthusiastically, tries to stomp his feet. As for sitting in my lap, well, he prefers standing by my knees, but at least he can't walk away, yet. We'll see how far he goes next time!
The "year" is winding down. Even adult activities run on a school-year schedule. Painting and drawing classes will take a two-month summer break. In September, I'm changing my schedule a bit to change painting teachers, so that means changing my day at the library, too.

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