Sunday, January 6, 2013

Looking forward to this new year

It's January 6 already. Happy Birthday Terry!
From facebook I see friends with birthdays today, too and wish them a happy birthday, too. Of course, on facebook, you just click the person's name and send a quick birthday message. It's fine for that. As I type, I see that the spellchecker wants me to type Facebook, with a capital F. I disagree. The name of the site is facebook, with a small f.
I sent my new year's greetings by email. There was a big family picture and I don't really want that out for just anyone to see, so if you are family or friends that did not get it, let me know. I know I must have missed some names on my list, and I did get a couple of notifications that the email addresses were no longer valid.
Christmas was busy. We did have everyone here for a while: the ones from England; the Swiss connection; the Parisians. Now, it's just down to the two of us for a little while. Well, not quite, as the Parisians are coming for lunch.
A lot has been going on, and at the same time, not much. Maybe I'll be more in a mood to write later. I've been scanning the old photos and, now, the negatives and slides. It's really a lot of work and I wonder why I'm bothering with it. After all, what wasn't put into albums long ago has been forgotten and can stay forgotten. I discovered a box of slides from 1986 at Barnegat Light -- I don't think I had ever seen them, at all. Quite nice, including a long series of photos of Louis and Anne eating ice-cream and fooling around on the beach.
I'll be going to Washington in February, on Overseas Americans Week. More about that later. I have made my flight reservation.
And that's it!

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