Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ahhh, a Heatwave!

France is having a heatwave. It happens at least once a summer. I'd say it's a bit late this year, which is not a bad thing because the days have gotten considerably shorter since the summer solstice. That means that we can open our windows a little earlier in the evening when the temperature outside starts cooling to where it's a cooler than in the house. Today, it's supposed to be about 41°C (over 105°F) today and down to 32°C (almost 90°F) tonight. Last time I checked it was 30° C in the house, but that was earlier and it feels warmer now. I'm sure Jon and Tobi remember going to the movies during a similar heatwave when they were here a couple of years ago. We haven't gone to the movies, but we did go to an air-conditioned restaurant last night.
The TV and radio stations are full of heatwave warnings and recommendations. France was so traumatized by the death toll during the 2003 heatwave, that they go overboard. During the Olympics, news led with that; now the lead story and the next two or three are all heatwave connected. Nothing else is happening in the world. This should be old news by tomorrow -- at least old news in the Paris region.
On this very big pumpkin vine, only one flower has produced a pumpkin. The tomato vines have recovered a bit, so we've got a few ripening tomatoes and new flowers for later in the season. We've already eaten two cucumbers and I think there will be one ready for tomorrow. We can forget the carrots, beets, parsley, zucchini, and radishes.

We got to babysit Sacha on Wednesday. Four months old, blond, very happy, good appetite and good company (meaning he doesn't complain much, is easily calmed down when he does complain, eats, and sleeps with great predictability and all night).

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