Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog statistics

I've been kind of curious to know who's been reading the blog. I have 4 avowed followers, but I know from emails that I get, that there are more readers -- mostly family, my intended audience. Some are reading it as emails sent to them directly rather than logging on, and that doesn't enter the statistics. So, in that respect, I'm satisfied.
The curiosity stems from the number of hits I'm getting from Russia, Ukraine, and India. Why are they interested? And why are they particularly interested in the birth announcement of Aurelia, which is the post that gets the most hits, even now? I took a look at that post again, and there is nothing much for anyone but family to be excited about. No photo, for example.
People are still reading the post about our visit to the old Meunier chocolate factory in Noisiel. That's normal because it was full of information that tourists might be interested in. The same is true as an explanation for the visits to posts describing museum exhibits.
If you are reading this and you are a regular reader, go ahead and become a follower. That way I'll know who you are.

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wcs said...

I wonder the same things about my blog. The statistics tell my my most popular post is one from long ago about a green berry. I'm stumped!