Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy first week of February followed by calm babysitting

The last week of January was busy. Nothing to write about, just generally busy. It was about the same with the first week of February. For example, on my birthday, I had to go into Paris for an appointment with the chiropractor, then to the travel agency to pay for the rest of our trip in March, home for lunch, an appointment with the rheumatologist, back to Paris with Paul to meet with Anne to go to the movies and then meet with Louis and Gwen to go out to eat for a birthday meal.
The movie was "The King's Speech", which just opened on the 2nd, so we got to see it on its first day out. It was worth all the hype, but I do wish there were less hype. They talk and write so much about a film before it comes out that you often wonder if you need to see it, and if you do go, you're often disappointed because it's not all that fantastic. "The King's Speech" is a good movie, a good feel-good movie. The acting is excellent. I'm glad I went to see it.
We ate at L'Enoteca, a wine-bar restaurant in the Marais. We've gone there off and on in the past but not recently, so it was a treat. The food is good and the wine is excellent. Luckily, we did not drive into Paris because we certainly drank over the legal limit for driving. We got on the metro and had a nice invigorating walk home from the RER to clear our heads. I had a very nice birthday.
Thursday, I drove into Paris to pick up brochures, posters and other stuff for the AARO and AAWE booth at Expat Expo. I got home for lunch and then met one of the volunteers at the Parc Floral to set up our stand. It took all of 10 minutes once we got there. Getting there was not so easy. We came through the park and found the exhibit center at the very back of the park. The door was locked. After several attempts to catch someone's attention, we finally got help and were told to come around through the exhibitor's entrance, which meant going back out of the park and following the street even further back and come in and around through some parking lots. It was a long walk. Once we got the stand set up, we had to go back the same way to go back to our cars.
Friday morning, I rode my bike to the Parc Floral. This time, coming in the exhibitor's entrance and parking my bike right in front of the building was an advantage; the back entrance is nearer to home. The AAWE needed more space than AARO because of the books they have for sale, so we grabbed a second table and set that up. It was a strange exhibit. The booths, like ours, catered mostly to the expats (foreigners) in France, but most of the conference sessions were for French about to expatriate or just back. Strange.
What I really liked during the three days was seeing friends from AAWE and AARO who were manning the stand with me. Recruiting volunteers went very easily and we had plenty of people on hand.
When I got home on Sunday it was to news that Aurelia had the chickenpox and would I like to go to Northampton to babysitThat is not a question to ask me. It's a great excuse for me to cancel and postpone appointments and rush off, which I managed to do on Monday. So, I'm here watching Aurelia play, eat and sleep. In fact, I've been taking advantage of one of those naps to write this letter.
While I've been gone, Paul has been holding the fort. We had a new separation put in between us and the neighbor and new plantations to go with that. We are also having the attic insulation redone and that was supposed to start today, but it looks like it's being put off until next week.
That's all for now. I suspect that I won't be writing again until we're off on vacation.

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