Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aurelia and Claire's visit

Claire and Aurelia arrived on Friday and are leaving tomorrow. Ken and Sandy are arriving tomorrow and will have just enough time to see Claire and meet Aurelia before we have to take them to the airport. Claire has been spending the weekend with friends. Last night, she stayed in Paris, texting Anne's new sofa. We've had Aurelia.
She's an easy baby to take care of. She eats anything and everything. She doesn't like to take naps, but sleeps well at night. We've taken her to all the places our kids loved -- like the stables next to the nursery school. Yesterday, she was a bit apprehensive, but today she was very happy to see them. Right now, she's intrigued by the computer, so I'm going to cut this short.


ozajacz said...

What does 'texting Anne's new sofa' mean?
This is a great photograph. You've captured them both in that moment of interspecies awareness. Love it! Fondly, Kate O

C.H.B.A. OFFICE said...

This is a wonderful pictures of interspecies introspection! Delightful! Thanks Ellen!

Ellen said...

OK! I spend too much time texting on the phone, I guess. That should read "testing the new sofa"!

Ellen said...

BTW, I should mention that the stable is the C.H.B.V. (Centre Hippique du Bois de Vincennes) in Nogent sur Marne.