Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a wonderful weekend! Thank you, Anita, for being such a wonderful hostess and thank you, everyone who came, even if it was just to drop in for a few hours. Thank you Joshua and Joan for hosting Erica and me for an extra night.
The pictures are on Picasa. I gave the link to the email group and I'll post the less personal ones to the public album. If you want the link to the get-together pictures, let me know.

I want to go back to Barnegat Light. I want to treat the family to a bit of vacation there again. It hasn't changed much. Of course October is not a busy month on the beach, but we had beautiful weather. There were even people in the water. We were able to walk on the beach; it was quite warm. There's a bit of woodland up at the tip next to the lighthouse. I don't remember this from before. It's totally unexpected, this bit of woods between dunes. Erica came prepared for some bird watching, but although we could hear some interesting chirps, I had trouble finding the birds. The regular sea birds were hanging around and we saw a mockingbird when we stopped at the Island Store. Seeing the Island Store, the grocery store, the deli, and the diner made me very nostalgic for the place.
I now have a job of trying to remember all the authors people spoke of that I want to read, the specific books, the places to see.  
And now, I'm at the Philly airport (yes, I drove down from Philly to DC to catch my flight --- to Philly to connect to the flight to Paris!).                

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