Monday, October 4, 2010

Just about to go

I'm leaving tomorrow for a solo trip to the States. Paul is staying behind -- to take care of the cat. Emma is off to the south for a week at university. Anyway, I'm in the midst of packing and also want to go to my painting class this morning, so will not write for long.
It's rainy today, but I've checked the weather for DC and Long Beach Island, where I'll be, and it looks good. Warm and sunny.
Yesterday evening, Anne treated me to an invitation to the avant-première of "The Social Network". For all the talk, Zuckerberg does not come off as a bad guy really, just a guy so immersed in what he was doing that he got carried away with it. Parker, on the other hand, comes off as someone really out with an agenda. No matter; it's a good movie. I'm glad Candace recommended it back when she was doing the dubbing production. And I very happy that Anne included me in her invitation and that the director of the movie theater invited her. What struck me as we were waiting was that the crowd outside was not immense and they were all there for Justin Timberlake, not for anyone else. It was a very calm and relaxed red carpet walk for all.
Last Tuesday, Anne met me at the American Library for the movie night with Judith Merians. The session was dedicated to "To Kill a Mockingbird" -- what makes a classic (book and movie). Of course they are both classics. She cited all the awards. Also the constant high rankings of both book and movie. She also cited the student of a friend of hers who said that a classic is "the truth, no matter what". That's a good definition. It was good to have the story dissected and to see (again) how forceful the scenes are without special effects, dramatic close-ups and other common tricks.
Claire has been by on business trips. Week before last she came with Aurelia and we babysat while she was off working. This week, she came on her own and spent the night with Anne. It was a quick trip and she flew back before we got to see her. It's nice to have her drop in like that.
That picture of the stars on stage was taken with my new camera. The "old" one (just 2 years old!) has been eating up batteries. I think the batteries are really ok; it's the connection that's faulty. Anyway, I hope this new camera lasts longer. I liked the pictures the Kodak took; they were good enough for my needs. Of course this new Sony uses up more pixels and even takes 3D pictures and movies. That's not what made me take this one; it was the panoramic pictures (which I could do with the Kodak and which I do use) and the rapid-fire pictures, which I wanted because we've discovered it might come in handy to catch Aurelia in action and in focus.
I also got a new netbook. I'm a gadgetaphone! Emma's been using the old one and it's reached its capacity.
Really must get ready to go, so that's it for now. Next news next week after seeing T & B in Washington and my Swelver friends on Long Beach Island.

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