Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aurelia squeals and chirps


Just arrived at Claire and Geoff's on Sunday in plenty of time to accompany them to the swimming pool. We got a few pictures in before the lifeguard asked us not to take pictures because of the Child Protection Act. It is true that while we were concentrating on Aurelia, other kids snuck into the frame from time to time. I guess you're not allowed to take pictures of your kids when in the presence of other kids. That will make for strange beach pictures. I guess private affairs, like the wedding, or a birthday party are ok.
We then celebrated Mother's Day -- early, in England -- by going out to eat at very good Chinese restaurant. Aurelia is six months old now and is starting to eat solid food, so she was allowed to taste a chip! She also got all excited when she saw herself in the mirror. She's familiar with mirrors, of course, but this is the first time she got all excited and started squealing like a canary. 
Yesterday, we stayed at the house except for a short walk to the library for "rhyme time", which looked and sounded like a lot of fun. I haven't uploaded the pictures from yesterday, yet, but will do so later today.
Claire has posted the pictures in her Picasa album, which I cannot link here. My album is here. I haven't added the photos from Paul's album as I don't have the cord to download them. Claire has them because her computer is more recent and can read his memory card. 
It's almost warm here in England -- and sunny! We hope this nice weather lasts for a few days, at least. Claire and Aurelia are coming over to the hotel later for lunch and perhaps a dip in the pool. 

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