Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bientôt les vacances

Youpi, on part bientôt. C'est Paul qui s'est occupé d'une partie de l'organisation cette fois. Je me suis occupée du contact (Jack) à Herceg Novi, Montenegro et Paul s'est occupé de l'aller. Nous allons passer par Strasbourg, Salzburg, Zagreb...
J'ai hâte de partir -- retrouver un temps d'été. Ensuite viendra l'été -- l'anniversaire de Marguerite, le mariage de Claire, le bébé.

Candy (a homeroom mate from Girls' High), a colleague friend of hers and I went to the theater Friday night to see Très Chère Mathilde (My Old Lady).
The star of the show is Line Renaud, a wonderful 80-year-old actress, a real legend here (or It's only a three-person cast and Candy knows the guy, Samuel Labarthe, and he's the one whose guests we were. He plays the part of a 50-year-old American who comes to France to claim his inheritance (an apartment) and finds it occupied by this old lady. He's French, but he has to act as an American, with a heavy accent. He does a fantastic job. I was speculating that Anita's cousins probably know him, too, so we'd have another six-degrees of separation situation.
Anyway, we had a great evening even if I had to leave a little early to not miss the last RER to my 'burb. What was really funny was --- talking to Candy is very natural, like we'd been seeing each other and just continuing conversations for the past 40 years, and conversation with Jeff, her friend from Rome, was just the same. Here we are, the three of us, who arrived in Europe during college and really never left. We can just jump into a conversation and know what came before, the background to it.
Candy, Anita, and I were all in the same homeroom (all W's). It's amazing how this Facebook/Google group connections have worked.

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