Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy month of March

March was certainly busy. Preparing the STC France conference (March 20 & 21) took a lot of energy! And I wasn't even putting in as much as I usually do or should have done. It was a great success. Okay, it lost a bit of money, but not nearly as catastrophic as it could have been. The speakers were wonderful and spending Saturday with the students at Paris VII was enriching for all. Almost made me want to go back to work!
At Francine's I spent March finishing up a painting of one of Louis' night photos from the Empire State Building. I think it's done -- meaning I can't look at it anymore.
Francine is producing an original musical -- Anne le Musical -- based on the story of Anne Frank. We in the painting class have been following its progress and it was wonderful to finally see a performance. It's excellent! Paul and I went with Louis and Gwen last week, along with several others from the class. Yesterday evening I returned with Rosette and Emma. It was just as moving as the first time. It's been a success, so they are now in the process of moving it to a real theater -- from April 17 at the Théâtre Dejazet. Right now, it's a matter of getting a professional to take over from Francine, who has taken it as far as she can.
Last Saturday, Paul and I went up to England to pick up Emma from Stansted and then on to Northampton to visit Claire, Geoff, and Charlotte. We had good weather and a very nice visit. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat. Claire looks great -- just starting to show. We had a little tour of the wedding venue, the Village Institute in Harlestone, just a few minutes from either recommended hotel (we stayed at the Premier Inn, an adequate budget motel, and took a tour around Sedgebrook, a more resort style hotel with pool, tennis courts, snooker, spa, ... ) and Duston.
It's great to have Emma back!


Ken Broadhurst said...

Hello Ellen, is the STC you mention the Society for Technical Communication? I was a technical editor and then tech. writer manager in Silicon Valley for many years...

Ken from the Pierwige

Ellen said...

Hi - just finished an e-mail to you asking you what you did in the software industry! Then saw this comment. Small world!