Sunday, January 25, 2009

GHS (Philadelphia High School for Girls) 212

212 - the class of 1968, the 212th graduating class of the Philadelphia High School for Girls. Who knew so many of us were on Facebook? Not everyone, of course, but still, a lot.

Barbara found me. She just joined and looked for friends. Then, I guess, through her, Beth found me. Now Barbara and I have been in touch frequently over the years, so we didn't discover one another miraculously just now. I got in touch with Beth a little over a year ago through Jay, not through Facebook. So, it's quite normal that we are now connected on FB. A small bunch of us got together during the summer: blog post

Looking through Barbara's friends, I found Emily. And Emily has directed me to Sylvia to get back into the class directory. Emily has a ton of photos from the 40th reunion, and there, I found a whole bunch of old friends. Some close friends, some not so close. So some do not readily recognize my name and look me up in the yearbook. And with my name they see someone else. It's Elaine. She and I did not share many activities -- I was in band and orchestra. don't have my own yearbook handy, but I think I remember she had more sports. We were in the same homeroom and did have some classes together. Anyway, back when our yearbooks were delivered and we discovered the mistaken identity, we protested to the yearbook group and they kindly gave us an extra yearbook -- I guess so we could paste the right picture with our names. But that didn't correct anything for the others and 40 years later, they can be excused for not know who is who! Now, she's someone I'd love to find on Facebook, but there are too many who share her name and she might not even be there.
This is fun. A bit invasive, perhaps, but fun. I've found that after the euphoria of reconnecting, I settle into just reading status updates and perhaps responding to them. It's the same with family members. I feel closer to Eric just because I know when he's just been flying or gouching about his chemistry homework.
The only problem I have with social media is that there is too much of it. I have a gmail account and you can send instant messages from there. I'm on Skype. And I keep forgetting to open up MSN. I gave up on Yahoo Messenger. I'm on Facebook. I'm still on Plaxo and LinkedIn, but should probably let them go as I'm feeling less and less professional.
So now, back to searching for old high school buddies.

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