Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reconnecting with old friends

Last Friday, Paul and I went to a concert by the group Djanam, a Balkan folksong group here in Paris. This is how I reconnected to Michelle! Last month, when I went to Jean-Yves' birthday party, I saw Pierre-Yves and Camille, of course and Camille told me that there would be a concert coming up. Afterwards, she gave me Michelle's email address and because we were both pretty busy, it seemed the easiest way to see each other was at the concert.
We met up with Pierre-Yves in the lobby while we were in line to get our tickets. I had no idea that this kind of music was so popular. The theater was absolutely full - about 300 capacity! And I had no idea how professional and good this amateur group was. They sing beautifully and although I do not understand a word, it was easy to feel the emotion. It was a wonderful concert.
I hope that when Gail and Erica come to Paris, together or on separate trips, I can get you together with Michelle. You have so much in common. (Actually, I remember a trip when Erica came almost 30 years ago and we went over to Michelle's and they ended up singing the afternoon away together!)
It's another of those "it's a small world" things; they have friends in common, not counting me! I know Erica and Gail from high school in Philly and Michelle from my first job at Berlitz in Paris! She's from California, so it's not so obvious that she and my east coast friends would have friends from the Balkan folksinging community in common.
And speaking of Gail -- I met a professor at Université de Paris, Marne-la-Vallée, who would probably be a good contact for her, and vice versa.
I didn't need Facebook to do all this connecting. I've been doing it for years, but I must admit I enjoy Facebook. I like seeing my friends' updates. For instance, I feel I know Eric a little better; at least, I know how he feels about his homework (feels he's got too much) and how he loves flying. I can sort of follow Emma and Laurent; although they do not update frequently, they write even less often.

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