Thursday, December 6, 2007

Odds & Ends

I got distracted over the weekend and forgot to write. Sorry. I seem to get more and more distracted, though.
I have managed to go to my art classes. I'm learning how to draw at long last. It's not quite as exciting as I had hoped - especially the Paris Sketchbook. We go to museums and draw from sculptures. I think I want to learn how to do fast sketches from life. I don't seem to have the patience for spending several hours trying to draw a sculpture. We'll see how this works out.
Last week, I signed up at ASSEDIC and the ANPE to make sure I get unemployment benefits if I'm entitled (I don't think I am.) and appropriate help in finding what I am looking for. I'm looking for short-term contract work. Yesterday, I managed to get off my CV for a job.
Also yesterday I made our ferry reservation for England at Christmas. I'm looking forward to that. But I've got to get some shopping done!
Yesterday, there was a walk in the Fontainebleau area, but I had to decide against it because my arm was hurting too much - same for the catch-up art class at the Louvre in the evening. It meant that I was able to "attend" the STC board meeting on Skype. For some reason, our Skype voice meetings are not any good anymore and we have to resort to typing. Very frustrating and I'm just not interested this year. It turned into a virtual shouting match and since I can't spend so much time at the keyboard these days, I dropped out. I will still try to cull the minutes from the conversation and post it.
What else? Jon has been in touch and it looks like the estate matters are winding down. All that's left is taking care of taxes. He will be so relieved to have that done with and, although it hasn't been any work for me, I will too. I think that what is bugging me about everything else is that I'm not able to really spend the time I want on the papers. Now that the rest of the papers and photos have been delivered I want to do that full time. But after half an hour, my arm is ready to fall off.
We did get the Suzie DePoo (Zuzek) wood panels up in the living room and they look great! (I took these pictures before we hung them up.) I'm thinking of having the Bruce Mitchell jazz musicians and my old circus copied. They were done in marker, which has faded to monochrome nothingness.
Time to get up and out.


Scotty said...

Bonjour, I have 2 Zuzeks' dated '61 Both are on wood and of the same model. One is in mermaid form on a long plank, in turqouise blue. The other is a naked face/bust shot with a jade colored pearl like necklace. I am interested in selling to a collector. Contact me at if interested. I am a mom of 4 as well and could use the investment money for them. Scotty

Ellen said...

Hello Scotty,
I hope publishing your comment finds you the buyer you are looking for. I can tell you that when I contacted a gallery to try to find the value, the first quetion was dimension so measure them in order to set th price.