Saturday, October 6, 2007

A little time

I need a little time. A lot happened during September, since my last posting. Some of it is good - just before leaving, Paul and I went with the Ile-de-France walking group to visit Troyes and then Claire and I went to California to go to Rob and Lara's wedding. We also got to see Terry and Roger in San Diego and stopped off in Pittsburgh to visit Jon's family and see my mother, Louette. Dave joined us for the weekend.

But then, just as Paul and I were starting our vacation in Canada with our friends, the Chaussemys, Louette died, something we all knew was coming. Still, it hurts when it comes. And then, during the night after the service for Louette, Dave fell and was overtaken by septicemia. He died just a week after our mother. This shook us all up. With hindsight, considering his poor health and everything else, it was good that his fall happened while he was still in Pittsburgh, that Tony and Barbara were with him at the hotel so that he was taken care of immediately, that Jon and I were with him and that we also had the family support we needed.

So, I will be getting back to writing, but I need a little time.

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